Albion College Department of Art and Art History



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When you walk through the doors of Bobbitt Visual Arts Center you enter a world defined by imagination, creativity, intellect, and skill.  Examples of art from around the world, from a 19th century Persian carpet to contemporary works, greet you.  Artists, poets, dreamers, teachers, and thinkers share the table in the lobby and space in the classrooms.  

In time you will become engaged with conversations generated by art, but touching on the deepest questions of the human condition.  

Passion is the order of the day.

"Albion's Art Department exposes you to the fields of art and art history broadly and deeply, which gives you freedom in the field. It enables you to make what you want to make, to write about what compels you, and to participate in the arts as fully as you dare." 

- Amy Rahn, '05,  Art History Doctoral Candidate,  Stony Brook University

"The variety of classes offered in Albion's Department of Art and Art History, taught by passionate professors, allowed me to discover my unique interests and inspired me to pursue them."

Chantal Chuba, '15, Masters of New Arts Journalism Candidate,  Art Institute of Chicago

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