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Scholarship Application

Scholarship Applications for the 2017 school year will be accepted beginning September 1, 2016.

Scholarship Audition Dates: January 28, 2017

Faculty members have also designated times, Mondays at 1pm, to hear auditions. Please contact them individually if you would like to set up an audition during this time. 

In keeping with the rich tradition of liberal arts at Albion College, the Music Department does not require auditions to become a music major, and non-major students may audition for a music scholarship. Any student interested in being a music major may do so. Music Department auditions at Albion College are intended solely for the purpose of scholarships. All students are eligible for scholarships, regardless of their major.

Sophomore juries are used to help advise/direct students into appropriate areas of the curriculum. Visit our Majors page to learn more about the various music majors we offer.

Schedule an Audition

To schedule an audition, complete the Scholarship Application form. Those who are unable to audition on the scheduled audition day may arrange an alternate date.

Application for the Music Scholarship 

Recorded Auditions

To submit a recorded audition to Albion College: It is always to your advantage to schedule a live audition, so you can meet faculty, see our campus and programs, and get a better picture of what musical life at Albion is all about. But if distance makes an in-person audition impossible, you may submit a video scholarship audition with a completed application.

The video should begin with you telling us your name. Your performance should include all the elements in the audition requirements for your instrument or voice – except sight-reading, of course. Those requirements are listed by instrument below.

There are two acceptable formats:

  1. DVD, mailed to: Recorded Scholarship Audition, Music Department, Albion College, 611 E. Porter St., Albion, MI 49224.

  2. YouTube: post your audition on YouTube ( for instructions on how to do this) and e-mail the link to . Be sure to include your name and instrument in the body of the e-mail with the link.

For full scholarship consideration, your Scholarship Application and recordings should be received by noon of February 4, 2017. For specifics about scholarships please follow this link.

Audition Logistics

Every audition takes between 15 and 20 minutes. Due to the limited amount of time, and the large number of auditions on most dates, you may be asked to stop short of completing your solos/etudes. Plan on between 6 and 8 minutes of prepared music, 2 to 4 minutes of sight-reading, and an interview with the audition committee of between 8 and 10 minutes.

Specific Audition Suggestions

Select an instrument/voice to see the suggestions.







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