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Associate Professor (Department Chair) - Painting and Drawing

M.F.A. University of Colorado at Boulder, 2005

Professor Michael Dixon is our expert in paint and graphite and everything in between. Michael shares the same kind of love for other artists that all of our other professors possess, and he makes it a major point of his classes to foster awareness of the art world around them. His love for painting is comparable to Anne's love for printmaking and he could talk for hours about the artists that he finds inspirational. Michael's teaching style could be defined as "tough love." He forces students to engage in their work; he demands time and dedication from them, and he insists on them to fulfill these demands with quality work. Time, hard work, and dedication; these are the things that Michael expects of his students. Through this, his students develop a strong practice and determination. 


Office: Bobbitt Visual Arts Center, Room 207

Phone: 517/629-0616


Professor - Printmaking and Book Art

M.F.A. Michigan State University, 1978

Professor Anne McCauley is our expert artist in printmaking and book arts. She may be small, but her enthusiasm for Albion's large and impressive print collection is big. If Anne could, she would have a whole class showing our students all of our prints and telling them what she knows about them, which is more than a single semester class could contain. Her love for prints doesn't end at the ink. It sinks further and settles in the paper; how it's made, what it's made of, who made it, what it's best used for, and how to use it to produce the best work. This knowledge benefits our students in the studio where she can help them dive into the art of paper and ink. Anne's enthusiasm for student's work is just as inspiring, and it isn't uncommon to hear her applaud a particular technique one student is doing or the beautiful artwork another one is producing. Her affection and true concern for her students are a few of the reasons she is one of Albion's most beloved professors. 


Office: Bobbitt Visual Arts Center, Room 103

Phone: 517/629-0249


Professor - Ceramics and Sculpture

M.F.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1984

Professor Lynne Chytilo is our expert in the realm of ceramics and sculpture. Lynne is often known to express her reaction to a students’ work with an intensity that can motivate a student to work harder. Sometimes Lynne gets so excited about a student's work that she dances around it in delight explaining why it's "just great." Lynne often tries to push a student in a direction they aren't comfortable with simply because she feels by breaking that comfort zone an artist is capable of learning more about themselves and their practice. Lynne will often see that spark even before a student does, and she does everything within her power to fan that spark until a robust flame emerges. It's this kind of communication that structures Lynne's style of teaching. 


Office: Bobbitt Visual Arts Center, Room 204

Phone: 517/629-0373


Professor - Art History

Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1993

Professor Bille Wickre is our expert in art history.  Bille's love for art is as strong as her love for her students, her dogs, and Freddie Mercury. Bille is moved by all kinds of art, whether it's performance, sculpture, painting, photography, or music. She loves it all. She has a major love affair with political art and art that has a cause and effect. As a historian, Bille loves to read, and that love of reading translates into her teaching. She demands that her students read, and read a lot. And her complete joy when they do their readings is a tangible thing. Her ability to take her knowledge about art history and apply it to the work that her students are producing makes her an invaluable asset. And it's partially due to this that she develops strong bonds with her students that last throughout their academic career and beyond. That kind of connected help motivates them to achieve important goals that she sets for them which in turn helps them to develop their goals to achieve. 


Office: Bobbitt Visual Arts Center, Room 208B

Phone: 517/629-0375



Assistant Professor - Photography, Computer Arts, Video

M.F.A. Louisiana Tech University - 2012

Professor Ashley Feagin is our expert in photography, as well as our local tech guru. Ashley teaches our photo, computer arts, and video classes. She, like Michael, strongly believes that to be a successful artist, students should be informed about what is happening in the art world and engage in the dialogue of the larger art community. She often starts her classes off with a few artists that either correlate to the technique the students will be doing in that class or that she feels would help students become inspired. Quite often students will latch on to these examples and begin to build their library of favorite artists. She pushes students to produce quality work and challenges them to think outside the box, all while demanding excellence from her students.  Ashley is a boundary pusher; asking her students to test the limits that the world has set on art. 


Office: Bobbitt Visual Arts Center, Room 209

Phone: 517/629-0246


Department Administrative Assistant

Jessica is our go to for all things Bobbitt. As our department admin, she can find almost anything put to her in little to no time with a smile and laugh. Her fun and happy-go-lucky attitude make the lobby a whole different world. Jessica knows all of the students and happily greets those who wander into Bobbitt from other departments. Her knowledge stems from years of being in the department. If you're trying to find a print, ask Jessica. If you need nails to hang a gallery piece, ask Jessica. If you need a quick fix to a printer or scanner problem you've been battling with for hours, ask Jessica--she'll have it fixed in 20 seconds. So, if you come to Bobbitt with questions, search out the little dark haired woman behind the glass windows quietly talking to her computer, she will always send you in the right direction.


Office: Bobbitt Visual Arts Center

Phone: 517/629-0246

Fax: 517/629-0752


Faculty and Staff bio were crafted by Shenoa Butcher, '16; Double Major in Creative Writing and Art. 

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